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Learning and Development Student Stories:
ICS Real Stories: Meet Ahmed | CIPD Review | Middle East

Ahmed Abdel-Salam

CIPD Level 5 Diploma in L&D

Our Middle Eastern student Ahmed Abdel-Salam is studying online with us from Qatar. He reviews his journey to getting CIPD qualified with our CIPD Level 5 Diploma in L&D.

Two years ago, I was evaluating my career progress so far and deciding what should I do to develop it further. I found that my work experience as a Teaching Assistant and Senior Technical Trainer has taught me a lot about the Learning and Development process.

However, to be a successful L&D Manager, I needed to learn more about current L&D trends and the L&D function in organizations.

In order to achieve that, I decided to acquire the required knowledge and to earn a certificate that would prove my credibility as an L&D specialist.

I searched for the best qualification that would fulfil my needs and I found out the CIPD L5 Diploma in L&D is the qualification that will help excel in my career.

Once I took the decision to earn the CIPD L&D qualification, I made a search on the available course providers on the market (classroom-based and e-learning).

I investigated the different options available and sent e-mails to different academies but I found that ICS Learn has the most flexible payment solutions and the course advisor was very helpful and professional.

I have really enjoyed my study with ICS Learn. They have a very stable learning management system [the Student Community].

The course units and modules are well developed. Tutors were very helpful and supportive and student helpdesk members were always helpful.

During my study, I have worked under the supervision of different tutors. All of them were very helpful and supportive, especially Dr. David James. I think that he was very helpful and that he really appreciated the effort I make in my assignments, and his feedback was very clear and informative. I have to thank him for his great help and support.

It is a very difficult task to make sure that all areas of your life are balanced while studying. But with efficient planning, time management skills, positive thinking and the right habits, anything can be achieved.

Since I started studying my L&D qualification, I have noticed that my L&D knowledge and skills are much improved and that it has enhanced my ability to evaluate my organization’s training needs, design effective L&D programs, evaluate training activities and apply new L&D trends which hadn’t been used before in my organization.

I hope I can be a successful L&D Manager in the near future.


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