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How Much Can You Earn With AAT?

Whether you’re considering switching to a career in finance or are an experienced finance professional, an AAT qualification can help you to increase your earning potential.

These highly-respected qualifications can impress employers, show off your finance skills, and help you to reach your career goals.

Each year, AAT publish the results of their salary survey to prove the value that their qualifications have. We’ve created this handy infographic so you can tell how much you could earn with an AAT qualification on your side.

How Much Can You Earn With Aat 2021 Final

It’s clear to see that an AAT qualification can really have an impact on your finance career! Not only do many AAT members report earning more, many are also more satisfied within their role too.

Satisfaction and Security at Work

A massive 80% of AAT students report increasing their earning potential and 85% of them also report feeling secure in their role. 76% of employed members are satisfied with their job and 81% of self-employed AAT Licensed Accountants are satisfied with theirs.

The knowledge imparted through AAT studies could be a contributing factor to this satisfaction and security. With respected qualifications and up-to-date knowledge on their side, it’s no wonder that these students feel secure in their job and happy at work.

Average Salaries by Job Level  

Breaking into a career in finance can be tough, but even within entry-level roles AAT members thrive. For an accounts assistant or administrator with an AAT qualification, the average salary is £21,000. Taking the next step to an accounts officer, the average salary rises to £27,000.

As an AAT-qualified team leader, you'll earn an average of £28,000 a year, moving up to £31,000 as a junior manager with an AAT qualification.

Continuing to be a middle manager with an AAT qualification, you’d earn an average of £36,000 per year and if you progress further to director level, you could expect to earn an average of £46,000.

Average Salaries by AAT Membership Status  

Students working towards an AAT qualification have an average salary of £22,000. This rises to £30,000 for Full members with MAAT status who have completed the AAT Level 4 Diploma.

AAT Fellow Members that have gained Fellow Membership after being a full member for 5+ years have an average salary of £40,000. This rises further to a salary of £52,000 for AAT Licensed Accountants who are self-employed or run their own accountancy practice.

Most of the salaries listed in the survey has risen from the 2019 version of the survey, with some average salaries rising by up to 9%!

About the Methodology

This survey was conducted in March 2021. AAT gained 14,788 responses from their members through their market research partner, Caledonia Market Research.  

AAT qualifications can be hugely rewarding for finance professionals, no matter where they are in their career. Studying towards a Diploma or Certificate can boost your confidence… and your salary!

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