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7 of the Best Career Development Podcasts

Podcasts have gained significant popularity over the past couple of years, with millions of people around the world integrating podcasts as part of their every day routine. Whether it be listening to a storytelling podcast while you relax, or a true crime podcast while you clean, there’s something out there for everyone to listen to - no matter what they’re up to! 

Besides being great sources for entertainment, podcasts are also great for keeping up with industry-specific news and trends whilst gaining useful career tips and advice from industry experts.

If you’re looking for a few new - and motivating - podcasts to tune into, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 best career development podcasts that will keep you engaged and help you along as you work towards your professional goals. 

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1) Career Tools

Career Tools is a weekly podcast that focuses on the specific actions listeners can take to grow and enhance their careers, regardless of whether they’re managers or not.

It’s the ideal podcast for you if you want to jump-start a career you’ve had on pause or sharpen your skills and competencies to grow in your existing job. 

Having won the Podcast Awards Best Business podcast in 2010 and having been nominated every other year it’s been eligible, it comes as no surprise that this podcast is number one on our list. 

2) The School of Greatness 

Hosted by New York Times best selling author and lifestyle entrepreneur, Lewis Howes, The School of Greatness podcast has an aim to share inspiring and motivational success stories from the most brilliant minds in business, as well as exceptional athletes and influential celebrities around the world.

This podcast ultimately highlights what makes “great people great”, and you’re guaranteed to feel inspired, motivated and entertained.

3) The Career Relaunch 

The Career Relaunch podcast primarily features everyday people who have made brave and big changes, going above and beyond to relaunch their career towards more meaningful and fulfilling directions.

Hosted by career consultant, Joseph Liu, this podcast concentrates on helping listeners navigate the dynamics and emotions a major career transition can provoke, while breaking down the practical challenges, emotional hurdles and personal struggles the interviewees had to overcome in order to effectively and successfully change their careers.

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4) CareerCloud

Downloaded more than 2,500 times each day, we couldn’t leave out the CareerCloud podcast from our list. 

With topics such as CV writing, job interviewing and resources, and how to leverage social media in your job hunt, there truly is something for every employee and entrepreneur in this podcast. 

Featuring inspiring conversations with career breakers who “dared to duck conventional career wisdom, dared to change and dared to risk failure” in order to do what they love, you will definitely feel inspired to break away from an unfulfilling career that’s been holding you back after giving this podcast a listen.

5) Career Returners 

Hosted by Karen, Liz and Anna from the Women Returners coaching team, this podcast features chats with professionals who are back at work after taking long career breaks for reasons such as childcare, pregnancy, relocation and loads more.

Guests have the opportunity to share the ups and downs of their own ‘return to work’ journey, discussing the challenges they faced and the rewards of returning, along with sharing their advice with listeners.

After every story shared, the podcast’s professional career coach discusses the key themes of the interviewee's story, sharing thoughts and tips based on own experience of supporting thousands of career returners over the years.

Essentially, this podcast highlights that it is very much possible to return to a fulfilling, challenging and successful career after taking a break. 

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6) Dive In: A Podcast for Career Development Professionals 

This is a podcast targeted towards career development professionals who are committed to learning about diversity, inclusion, values and equity, in order to provide appropriate career counselling, coaching and consulting in their own organisations. 

Hosted by career development professional and speaker, Dr Marian Higgins, the Dive In podcast gives listeners the necessary resources, strategies and techniques you can utilise in line with your own work.. 

With episodes such as Making Room for Positivity and Women and Work, this podcast doesn’t shy away from bringing at the forefront controversial and hot topics in organisational development, in an effort to help career development professionals effectively align their organisation’s practices and objectives to the trends seen in the industry. 

7) GoodPractice 

The GoodPractice podcast is a must-listen-to for anyone working in HR and L&D. Running weekly, the show’s presenters, along with the occasional industry guests, dive into all issues concerning the HR and L&D industries, discussing topics such as learning needs analysis, evidence-based practice and the impact of technology on work. 

We recommend listening to episode 319: Remote Learning for a distributed workforce. With organisations around the world forced to adopt remote and hybrid working following the Covid-19 pandemic, in the UK, 84% of employees who had to work from home said they planned to continue to work from home. 

However, this poses a problem for those responsible for workplace learning. Joined by Phill Miller, Managing Director of Open LMS, the podcast’s presenters explore solutions for this paradox.


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