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How Much Does a PRINCE2® Qualification Cost?

When you’re looking to enhance your career with a professional qualification, one of the all-important factors you need to consider before anything else is how much it could cost you.

After all, you want to choose a course that’s worth not only your time but your hard-earned money as well, so making sure you’re getting the most out of your investment is essential.

To help guide you, we’re taking a closer look at PRINCE2 qualifications and the associated elements that influence cost so that you don’t have to break the bank to boost your career.

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About PRINCE2® Qualifications

PRINCE2 stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, and these qualifications are the world’s most valued and respected project management training courses, designed to teach learners the processes and best practices that are key to delivering successful projects - every time.

Used across over 100 countries in both public and private sectors, the PRINCE2 framework is trusted globally as it can be tailored to projects of any size, location, and complexity, making the PRINCE2 qualification an asset to any CV (and a requirement for most project management roles).  

What affects the cost of a PRINCE2® qualification?

There are a few factors that can affect the price of your PRINCE2 qualification. A few of the most common include:

The provider

PRINCE2 course prices aren’t fixed, which means that depending on the learning provider you choose, the cost of your PRINCE2 qualification will fluctuate according to their terms, conditions, and pricing model.

That’s why it’s important to do your research before settling on your chosen learning provider so that you know you’re not overspending and that you’re adequately supported.

How you study

PRINCE2 courses qualifications are offered both in the classroom or through virtual online learning.

If you choose to learn in a classroom, you’ll be learning alongside other students under the guidance of an instructor, meaning you’ll have the security of knowing you’re on the same page as everyone else and having the immediate attention of your teacher should you have any questions or concerns about your course.

However, you must consider how much time an in-person class will cost you if you have work, family, or other commitments. You’ll need also need to think about how much and how long your commute will be, as well as the cost of your course materials.

If you decide that online learning is your preferred avenue, then you’ll enjoy the added flexibility of studying from the comfort of your own home. You’ll have access to online lectures, assignments, and course materials and you’ll work through them either at your own pace or on a set timetable dictated by your virtual tutor.

An added bonus is that many online providers offer low, interest-free monthly payment plans that allow you to spread the cost of your course over time.

The qualification itself

PRINCE2 qualifications are based on a process-based method for effective project management to help individuals develop the skills they need to be successful project managers at every level.

That being said, how advanced the qualification is can affect how much it’ll cost you to study.

Pricing often reflects the level of information and study required in the course, and the value that the qualification brings to your career development.

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How much does a PRINCE2® qualification cost?

While the cost of PRINCE2 qualifications is entirely dependent on your provider, the learning format, and the qualification you choose, below we give you a better idea of the price range you can expect for each qualification.

PRINCE2® 6th Edition Foundation Course

The PRINCE2 Foundation qualification is designed for individuals in a wide variety of project management related roles. Whether you’re just starting out or well into your career, this course is an introduction to understanding the fundamentals of the PRINCE2 methodology and can be studied as a prerequisite to the Practitioner course.

Course costs: Usually, the PRINCE2 Foundation course costs anywhere from £549 to £1,000. Keep in mind that PRINCE2 exam fees aren’t always included in the cost of your course and can add upwards of £250 to your total.

Best for: Practising or aspiring project managers or project team members at any stage of their career.

PRINCE2® 6th Edition Practitioner Course

The PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification was created for experienced project managers or team members with an aim to give you a more comprehensive understanding of the PRINCE2 method and its application to the management of real-world projects.

Course costs: Like the Foundation course, the PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification will typically cost you anywhere from £599 to £1,000. However, if exam fees aren’t included with training then you’re looking at an additional cost of £250 or more.  

Best for: Individuals who have already completed the PRINCE2 Foundation (2009 or 6th Edition), or if you hold a PMI or IPMA or equivalent qualification.

PRINCE2® 6th Edition Foundation & Practitioner Combined Course

Learn the theory, practice, and application of the PRINCE2 method with the PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Combined course. You’ll learn to master the PRINCE2 methodology and adapt it to real-life projects, coming out of the course as a fully certified Project Manager.

Course costs: Courses typically start at £999, exam fees often included, to upwards of £1,655.

Best for: PRINCE2 beginners who want to become fully registered Practitioners and save money by studying both courses in one go.

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Not all providers will give you the option to study a PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Combined course, but if you can find one who offers this package it’s in your best interest to enrol if you have no prior project management qualifications and you’re looking to save.

Now that you’re familiar with how much it can cost you to become PRINCE2 certified, we’re hoping you now have the answers you need to make the investment in yourself and your future.

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